Work, study or relax while your babies and toddlers play and learn in front of your eyes at our child friendly workspaces. Our integrated space layouts give you full visibility of your child at all times while still allowing you to be productive. Qualified play assistants will keep the children focused and entertained while you get things done. The engaging development program is designed to give you maximum flexibility, whether you plan to attend a full day or just drop in for an activity. With new activities starting every half hour, your children will always find something to be excited about when they arrive. The seamless transition between the activities ensures you are minimally interrupted. No participation is required by you as a parent, but you are welcome to join in any activity or class you like. Structured breaks for parent-child bonding experiences are also built in. 

What's Included

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Short Notice Childminding
Space Rental

Host Courses, Seminars and Other Professional Events


Spare parents the need for a sitter.

Facilitated Baby and Toddler Development Programme!

Parents focus on work while babies and toddlers learn and play with Baby Sing and Sign, Baby Ballet, Musical Monkeys, Movers and Groovers, Messy Play, Little Picasso's, Mini Einsteins and more. All included in membership!

Join Our Pilot
Bring the kids and come see for yourselves the comfort, convenience, and community that Let's Play Coworking offers!

Access to All Workspace Facilities

Child friendly open work spaces, adult only work areas, meeting rooms, media & print stations, snacks & refreshments!