Frequently asked questions

Can I just drop in?

Absolutely! You do not need to be a member to join us at Let's Play Coworking. A parent can drop in as long as he or she is accompanied by their child aged 0-4. Just expect a few minutes for registration before your session.

I have more than one child under 4. Do I need to pay for each one?

No Way! Let's Play Coworking charges per adult, not per child. So as long as your children are all under 4 years, you can bring them all along to play and learn whle you work.

Is Let's Play Coworking a creche or day nursery?

Let's Play Coworking is a child-friendly setting that is designed to have the work areas, play areas, and learning areas integrated so that you and your baby can be together while you do your own thing. Your baby or toddler remains under your supervision while they are here, although our staff is always happy to help.

Can I still get my work done while my children are under my care and supervision?

Definitely! Generally at Let's Play Coworking, we recommend that parents follow a simple routine to maximize their productivity: Arrive - make sure baby is fed and changed - set up baby in the learn and play area - get on with work for 45-90 minutes - take a break to check on baby- make sure baby is fed and changed - set up baby for the super engaging class or activity, get on with work for another 90 minutes. Take a break- check on baby- set baby down for a nap- get on with work for another 90-120 minutes. Repeat. However we know that there are some cases where you need to focus 100% on your work. In those cases, you can book a session with one of our stand by childminders while you work in the adult only area.

Can I apply the government's 15 hour and 30 hours free childcare and other childcare benefits towards Let's Play Coworking?

You can use those childcare benefits towards bookings with our OFSTED registered standby childminders who are available on site. However, these benefits do not cover our membership or drop in rates. If you have a specific question about applying your childcare benefits, please email

Are the instructor-led baby and toddler classes included in membership?


What will keep my baby or toddler from calling my attention every few minutes?

A super engaging and entertaining development programme like ours, that's what! Let's face it, typically if they're not hungry, not sleepy, not poorly, don't need to be changed and are still crying, then most likely they are bored. At Let's Play Coworking, there is absolutely no room for boredom. Our classes and activities are designed specifically to keep your child highly engaged throughout every minute. And our staff assist the instructors to make sure that no child loses focus.

What if my baby/toddler sees me?

Well, that's the point. Babies and toddlers develop a sense of security and confidence when they can see their caregiver and know that they aren't going anywhere. Here at Let's Play Coworking, we encourage you to make sure that your baby can see you, just as you are always seeing her or him. In fact, the more they see you, the more happy and settled they will be!

I am worried that my baby/toddler won't settle.

Most likely it will take your baby or toddler a couple of hours on their first visit to adjust to the environment, but knowing you are there within their sight and being able to come to you for comfort regularly will help reassure them and make the process easier. It is definitely a lot smoother than settling at a day nursery or creche! Give it a shot with a trial session:

How does the standby childminding service work?

Let's Play Coworking is designed so that you can be productive even while being there and caring for your babies and toddlers while they play and learn. However, there will be some times when you must step out, take an important call in a quiet area, go to a meeting, or just spend some time in the adult only area for increased focus. For those instances, we have standby registered childminders availabe on site who can watch and care for your children when you cannot. You can book with the childminders directly, with short notice, and for as little as a 20 minute slot. Standby childminders have their own rates in addition to your Let's Play Coworking membership. Generally, your childcare vouchers, free hours, and other benefits can be applied towards their services.

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