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Mums and dads all over the world are struggling when it comes to childcare. 


The current options cause parents and their babies to be separated during a critical time in the children's development. They are are usually unaffordable - especially if there is more than one child, and are greatly inconvenient. Many parents have decided to either not work at all, or to work from home uneffectively.

We want to help working mums and dads of babies and toddlers by providing them a better substitute to working from home and a more affordable, flexible, and convenient alternative to traditional childcare. 

We organize professional and child friendly spaces where parents can work, study, or just relax while their children are also learning and developing in front of their eyes. We put a lot of care in ensuring that our services facilities, and staff are at a quality and standard fit for our parents and their precious ones. 

We are now organizing these spaces at different community and children's centres and restaurants. To continue to do so, we need funding to support hire of sensory equipment and toys for the children, as well as to hire the centres and to pay the  staff who help keep the children engaged while parents are working.  Funding would also help us spread the word now about what we are doing so that more people can benefit. 


In addition, we would like to take Let's Play Coworking to the next level and invest in unique permanent sites in order to provide our full set of services at the intended experience. Therefore, your support would also go towards research and development to scale this working model.